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5 Low-Cost, Creative Ways To Build A Raised Bed Garden

With spring finally here, you may be considering putting in a raised bed garden. But if you’ve headed to your local garden supply center, you (and your budget) may have recoiled in shock. Instead of crossing “raised beds” off your to-do list, consider some of these budget friendly ideas that […]

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Two paths to organic farm fresh eggs

Spring is an exciting time for chicken raisers. For families just starting with chicks, it signals new life and new projects. Experienced raisers feel similar excitement when hens start producing more eggs as days get longer. For both, it’s a good time to evaluate if you want organic eggs. “No […]

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Make Your Own Wine Vinegar at Home

A popular ingredient in both salads and recipes is wine vinegar, with red being the most popular but white used as well. If your place is like mine, there are multiple bottles of wine in the cupboards, that have been used for cooking, having a drink with friends and even […]

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The Simple, 7-Ingredient Compost Tea That Will Revolutionize Your Garden

Earth, by its very nature, is in a partnership with microbes of all kinds. From the deepest seas, to the highest mountains, microbes such as bacteria, yeast and fungi are a key part of our planet’s ecosystems, performing vital functions like making nutrients bio-available to plants and animals, and helping […]

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How To Turn Ordinary Garden Soil Into Organic Potting Mix

If you’ve been gardening for a while, you’ve likely heard that you shouldn’t use garden soil in containers or as a seed-starting medium. But garden soil is free and it’s right there for the taking. So, what’s wrong with using it? The short answer is that soil used in any […]

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Gravity Fed Water Systems: A Simple Overview

Gravity fed water systems have been used for many hundreds of years to haul water from one place to another. This system uses the laws of gravity to move water from point A to point B and C if necessary. There are no pumps of any sort required for this […]

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Ukrainian gun traffickers with an acquired taste of firearms

During the beginning of the year the SBU (The Security Service of Ukraine) managed to discover and stop channel smuggling of some very powerful illegal firearms. The gun traffickers seems to have had an acquired taste in both firearms and optics. For sure, this is not the average gun bust. […]

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Backyard For A Reason – The dangers of handling poultry

This time of year, people love to buy baby chicks for Easter, and it’s not uncommon to see pictures on social media of both children and adults cuddling cute little chicks. But what they don’ know is that even baby chicks can harbor Salmonella and other potential dangerous pathogens. In this […]

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Dirt-Cheap, Non-GMO Livestock Feed? Yes!

According to many recent books on animal husbandry, livestock feeding has become much easier and better with the advent of commercially prepared feed mixes. These mixes are scientifically formulated to provide everything your animal needs, and you don’t have to bother with thinking about them. I followed this advice for […]

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Strike Industries J-COMP 2.0 for 7.62 Caliber AK Rifles

Strike Industries now makes an improved version of their J-COMP muzzle device for AK rifles. The new J-COMP 2.0 comes with a 14×1 left-hand metric thread pitch, which is used in most AK-47 rifles and its derivatives chambered in 7.62x39mm caliber. The J-COMP 2.0 is actually a muzzle brake and […]

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No, Garlic Is Not Healthiest When It’s Raw. (Ferment It! Here’s How.)

If you’re trying to take advantage of all garlic has to offer, you have to eat it raw. Garlic contains a property called alliin, which turns into something called allicin once it’s been crushed and exposed to air. Allicin is responsible for all of garlic’s amazing features and its distinctive […]

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10 Coconut Oil Survival Uses | Basics For The Savvy Survivalist

In my previous article, 9 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil That You Should Know Now, I talked about the many health benefits of introducing coconut oil into your daily diet. Health benefits of this versatile product include anything from boosting your immune system to fighting inflammation to brain health protection….and […]

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