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120 Acres of Wooded Foothills near Davis Creek in Beautiful Modoc County California

120 Acres of  Wooded Foothills near Davis Creek in Beautiful Modoc County California

Property Summary

Price: $59997

Acres 120
Type Rural Land
State California
County Modoc
ZIP 96108
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Property Description

Imagine a place…

Unbound from the hustle and bustle of city life, the crowds, traffic, and noise, a place where you can let go and free your mind, body and soul. A place to kick back, relax and put your feet up.

Does the image of a peaceful mountain setting appeal to your senses? How about the alluring sound of a babbling brook as the water gently trickles down stream?

Does camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, horseback riding or simply breathing fresh air under the blue skies grab your attention?

Build your dream home or second home. Live off the land or simply have vacation spot for peace and tranquility.

This 120 acre dream land is perfect for outdoors lovers. The wild life and habitat in this area of the state provides some of the best hunting and fishing around.


Cash Discount: $59,997

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NW: 41.433400,-120.21232
NE: 41.433386,-120.204535
MID EAST CORNER: 41.432080,-120.
CORNER NEAR ROAD: 41.432080,-120.202821
SW: 41.432080,-120.202821

In addition to the migratory bird populations, the diverse habitats of the refuge supports, a wide range of other wildlife such as Mule deer, Pronghorn antelope, bobcats, coyote and more

Wildlife & Fishing Gallery:

While the property is remote enough to be very private and be left alone, it is only a few minutes from Davis Creek and about a 1/2 hour drive to Alturas, a town that has all the amenities one needs, from restaurants to shopping, banking and medical care.

Modoc County is the home of many of California’s best kept outdoor secrets: the South Warner Mountain WildernessSurprise Valley, Devil’s Garden, ghost towns, Fandango Pass, the Modoc National Wildlife Refuge, the Lava Beds National Monument, the Tule Lake Internment/Segregation Center and much, much more.

Tucked into the far northeastern corner of California, in a land the Native Americans once called, “The Smiles of God,” this diverse frontier region is also home to the quaint towns of Fort Bidwell, Lake City, Cedarville, Eagleville, Likely, Davis, Canby, Adin, Newell and the historic town of Alturas, the county seat. Here, there is literally something for every outdoor adventure seeker and western history buff. Visitors can actually step back in time to where the west still lives, a place rich in Native C

The Modoc National Wildlife Refuge (MNWR) located south and east of the Alturas city limits is part of a chain of National Wildlife refuges along the Pacific Flyway. It is home to greater sand hill cranes, golden and bald eagles and a host to both resident and migrating birds.

MNWR is an important resting and feeding area for waterfowl. More than 240 different bird species can be seen here seasonally so the refuge is a bird watcher’s paradise.

The MNWR also provides some of the best waterfowl hunting in the Northern Eastern corner of California. There are a variety of habitats in the hunt area including dry and flooded grain fields, wet meadows, ponds and marshes. The areas include rough, uneven terrain and deep, dense stands of bulrushes (tules) and ditches. The most common species harvested include Canada geese, mallards, widgeon and gadwall with decoying techniques being the most effective method. There are three spaced blinds available, out of the North hunt lot, which are all ADA accessible. The new Grandma Tract hunt area offers five assigned hunt units (two wetland, one dry grain field, and two units with freshly planted grain or moist soil/wetland) available.

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Modoc National Forest

Bureau Of Land Management– Surprise Field Office

Bureau Of Land Management– Alturas Field Office

US Fish and Wildlife Service– Modoc NWR

Department of Fish and Wildlife

Modoc County is one of the largest counties in California. It is a hidden treasure nestled into the far northeastern corner of our state. A combination of high desert terrain and spectacular mountain ranges gives special uniqueness to the contour of the land. Modoc is gateway to the enchanting Warner Mountain Wilderness area. Imagine the bluest skies, brightest stars and over a million unspoiled acres, captivating pristine mountains, green fertile valleys, beautiful crystal clear lakes, streams, wetlands and ragged lava bed plateaus makes Modoc County truly mesmerizing.

The Native Americans once called this land, “The Smiles of God.”

There are 29 uncrowded, clean and simple campgrounds located in the Modoc National Forest. Many of these campgrounds are situated in the alpine elevations of 4,400-6,000 ft. and up. The highest is at 7,200 ft. and there are no campgrounds below 4,000 ft.

Once you’ve settled in, you’ll discover some of the finest fishing in northeastern California. Fishing season is open year round with the exception of stream fishing which opens in April and closes in November.

For the fishing enthusiast, there are a myriad of creeks, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs that provide an abundance of native species and other game fish. In the higher elevations you’ll find rainbow trout, redband trout, brown trout, and brook trout. High plateau lakes and reservoirs hold blue gill, crappie, trout, Sacramento perch, largemouth bass, channel and bullhead catfish.

Hunting in Modoc is year round as well. In March, the Annual Squirrel round-up in Surprise Valley starts the hunting season off with a bang. Spring wild turkey season follows, other upland game bird seasons begin in the in the late summer starting with Blue or Ruffed grouse and dove. Big Game hunting also begins in the late summer and runs through the fall, beginning with, Pronghorn antelope, Rocky Mountain elk, Mule deer and bear. In the late fall and winter, upland game birds and waterfowl are plentiful; fall wild turkey, pheasant, quail, chukar, and a wide variety of ducks and geese. Hunting season officially ends in late January……………………… more……

County Resources:

Planning and Zoning, 530-233-6406

Recorder:, 530-233-6217

Area Well Drillers:

*The information contained in this ad is all that we know about the property and is thought to be accurate. However, we advise our customers to do their own due diligence

Property Details

Size (Acres) 120
Best Attribute Rolling Wooded Foothills near Davis Creek in beautiful Modoc County California
APN or Other ID 025-220-009-000
Legal Description Note: The deed is still in title company.
GPS 41.72171, -120.346676
Property Type Rural Land
Zoning Agriculture
General Elevation (in feet) 5480
Power Alternative
Phone Mobile/Satellite/Alternative
Water Would be by well or alternative system
Sewer Septic or alternative system
Roads Dirt/Gravel
Time to Build No Limit
Title Info Clear Title
Annual Property Taxes (Approx) 436.68
Doc Fee 299
Terms Seller Financing Possible. Contact us.

Property is Available

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