6 Widerness Survival Shelters

During most outdoor survival situations, shelter is going to be one of your top concerns. In fact, when it comes to common ways that people die during a wilderness emergency, hypothermia, a drop in core body temperature, and hyperthermia, an increase in the body’s temperature, are right at the top of the list.

That’s why knowing how to construct a wilderness shelter is such an important skill for anyone who spends any amount of time in the great outdoors.

Here are some actual real-world Survival Shelters; these shelters should give you a good idea of what’s possible and can give you a good starting point to go out there and practice.

A-Frame Shelters

One of the most common, and easy to build types of shelters is the traditional A-Frame. They are easy to construct, and can be as simple as a tarp draped over a single line, or a more elaborate design using local materials.

Here is a great example of an easy A-frame shelter, covered with leaves and debris for added insulation and waterproofing.




Swamp Bed Under a Lean To

Here’s a quick and easy swamp bed that can help get you up off the ground in cold, wet, or damp environments. It’s also a great way to get you up off the ground in areas where poisonous critters might be poking around at night.





Lean-To Shelter with Reflector Wall

A good fire reflector helps maximize heat retention and minimizes the amount of firewood you use.

Here is a good example of a Lean-To Shelter with a Reflector wall for bouncing heat back into the shelter. A small fire can be built in between the wall and the Lean To, which allows heat to be reflected back into the shelter.



Debris Hut using Natural Land Features

A survival shelter doesn’t have to be fancy to work, and it can often be improvised with existing structures and random materials sourced from the area. This Debris shelter uses natural trees and debris that was already in the area to construct a quick and warm place to lie down for the night.


Lean-To Shelter with Raised Bed

Here is another example of a Lean-to with a Bed that’s integrated into the shelter’s design.


Debris Aframe


Do you have pictures of shelters that you’ve built? Share them with us and we’ll add them to a future story.

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