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About is a property investment company that prides itself on quick, professional, easy transactions. We are a family owned company and take pride on individualized attention and customer satisfaction.

Tracy Miles VanSteenkiste: A seasoned sales and marketing veteran who spent 10 years at Hewlett Packard. She now runs the day to day operations at MHRL. Tracy now spends as much time as possible raising our daughter. She also loves arts and crafts and horseback riding.

David VanSteenkiste: A sales veteran with engineering and business background. In 2011 David took time away from corporate America to become an entrepreneur. During that time, David founded MHRL and built in into a nice little family business. In 2014 Corporate America came calling again with great opportunity. So Tracy took over the day to day operations and now David consults part time while managing a full time career in sales.

Our Virtual Assistant Team: We utilize a team of very talented Virtual Assistants to do much the important back office  works required to purchase and sell properties. From due diligence and title searches, to posting and maintaining marketing ads, to payment processing, accounting and customer service.


Our Business Model

We scour new areas to find the very best values on land. We make thousands offers, typically buying from a small percentage of those whom we’ve contacted.

For some reason they no longer want the property. Perhaps the death of a spouse or the property was inherited. The owner owners keep getting a tax bill year after year and don’t know what to do with the property.

Most of the time these properties are in too low of a price range for realtors to be interested in listing for a small commission. This is where we come in. We purchase these unwanted properties at a deep discount, but doing the sellers a favor by removing what to them is just a headache and reselling these properties still at a deep discount (typically 20%-50% below market).

And the best part is, we handle all paperwork. Everyone wins!