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David Van Steenkiste, an extremely knowledgeable practicioner in the area of real estate markets and fix and flips, has helped me further my understanding of how money can be made when properties are bought right, physically enhanced, and marketed to best advantage. He knows how to put deals together, create and participate in investment partnerships, and come out on top.

- Jeff Abrams
Residential and Commerical Architect specializing in unusual and challenging properties.

David is a person that is extremely creative when working his deals. I have know David for a number of year and is someone I can rely on to follow through on what he sets out to do. If your looking to partner with David, I would not hesitate for one minute.

- Tony Spandrio
Investment Specialist/Coach/Trainer and Co-Founder | Diverse Retirement Solutions

David is an out-of-the-box thinker, and solution provider in the real estate investment world, offering home owners creative options for maximizing value in their homes, and giving home buyers a quality product at a fair price. I’ve worked with David on several deals and he’s a stand-up guy who is fair, creative, and easy to work with.

- Cheryl Firby
Real Estate Broker/Owner | Alpine Realty

David is a very experienced investor and as a wholesaler, he has been a huge asset to my real estate investment company. David is serious and intentional with his business which makes working with him simple and seamless. When I present a property to him, I will hear back from him quickly and he is always a man of his word. I intend to continue to work with David for a long time to come and recommend him and his business.

- John Brokken
Acquisitions Manager | Rapid Housing Solutions, LLC

David is a highly skilled manager who is creating focus towards the important activities needed for result. He achieves this focus by involving both management members and employees in an enthusiastic way. Davidsleadershp is recognized as clear and direct. I would love working with David again in any company.

- Roger Hendelberg
Business Manager | QRtech AB

David was a structure leader following a clear strategy. His management style was based on clear decision making, defining targets, setting priorities and guidelines. He was able to encourage employees to reach the set targets. In addition he created a culture and athmosphere that eployees felt part of the success of the company.

- Anders Erkén
Managing Director & Division Manager | TRUCK EQUIPMENT at VBG GROUP TRUCK EQUIPMENT AB

To whom it may concerns, I had the pleasure to work with David while he was acting as Managing Director and Director of Product Developement at Markem-Imaje. He has been a trusty Leader within Markem-Imaje running the complete site of Goteborg as well as the overall R&E projects and company programs.He is an excellent key manager and a great communicator towards his teams and the other parties. David understands very well the company strategy and he is results oriented but not at the expense of the Quality. He was also an instrumental person contributing toward the continuous improvement and helping others around him to grow. He has very good human skills and a very good relationship with all transversal functions within the company (Steering Committee, Product Maketing, R&E, Manufacturing & Industrial Process, Purchasing…) He has managed all aspect of the Goteborg site (acting as Managing Director) and also all the R&E projects assigned to him in a very professional manner and I will strongly recommend David to any companies, President or Managing Directors. I am available to serve as a reference and to discuss with David’s coming President, Managers and/or Human Resources partners.

- Jean Galan
Director Of Operational Excellence | Markem-Imaje

I first met David in 2003 when he was the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Fasco Coders. My colleagues and I were so impressed with the Fasco products that we decided to buy the company and incorporate their coders into our product line. David excels as an engineering manager and through his leadership Fasco was able to design and manufacture some world class box printing equipment. Through David’s engineering and innovation Fasco grew to become a multi-million dollar enterprise. David would be an asset to any company that needs engineering leadership mlnded in with a dose of business sense.

- Perry Katopodis
International Oil & Gas Exploration Services

I worked with David for two years while he was Managing Director at Markem-Imaje. He contributed a lot to the company with his leadership skills and personality. We worked together in the management team and I appreciate his professional skills, his natural leadership and also being a great person to know.

- Ola Jensell