Do you have a plan in the event of a natural or man-made disaster? Are you prepared with a place to go for protection from dangers? Bug out shelters started because of the need for protective shelter and food storage. The term “bug out” means to leave suddenly to escape from dangers in the event of an emergency caused by nature or by social disorder.
But Out Shelters
When choosing for a location, looking for a property in a rural area is the best option. It will be in your best interest to choose a rural location where you can setup your protection. Your location will also determine the type of shelter that you will need to build. Also make sure you have the basic necessities like matches, candles, flashlights and other tools to help you at night and to be able to stay warm during cold weathers.


Prepare to stock up food in your storage. Also look for water sources. If there is a reliable water source in the property, make sure to have enough water containers. Make sure your first aid kit is ready as you won’t be able to visit your doctor for health care. You will need to be self sufficient by having bandages, burn creams, and other key tools for keeping wounds clean to avoid infections.


Living in a bug out shelter does not mean you will need to disconnect yourself from the outside world. Knowing what is happening outside is also very important so you can prepare for anything that might compromise your safety. Plan ahead with a radio or landline source as mobile phone reception might not always be available in your area.

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