Disaster Preparedness
Disaster can happen anytime. You need to know what kind of disaster you’ll be facing. No place is free of disaster so it is best to know how you will face the situation. Do not panic. Create a survival plan for your family. Prepare bug out kits for your family if ever evacuation is needed. Learn first aid and CPR so you can help in case of medical emergencies.


Figure out the details of evacuation routes from your own home. In case of an emergency evacuation, know where you would go. Have a list of emergency contacts and local emergency numbers. Make sure your kids know their family name, address and phone number.


Keep some cash on hand as banks’ automated teller machine won’t work if power is out. If you are caught away from home, you should have a plan how to reconnect with your family. Designate a place to meet up in case family members can’t go home.


Prepare your family’s medication. Prepare for your pets. Keep important documents in a waterproof container. Learn how to shut off utilities in your house like gas, water and electrical lines.


It is important that you and your family are prepared for any disaster that can happen in your area.