0.33 Acres Rural Land For Sale in Lake County, OR – Power Nearby

Lake County, OR


Welcome yourself to this beautiful 0.33-acre residential lot nestled right in the heart of Christmas Valley, Oregon. Indulge in the fantastic sights of gorgeous high desert landscape, breathtakingly vast skies with an ever-changing display of color, and glittering night skies filled with stars. Abundant wildlife wanders through the property, offering many awe-inspiring sightings and encounters. 

Does this sound like the perfect place for you? Then let’s look at more details about this property, as well as features of the nearby area!

 Property Features

This lot is the perfect size for a single residential homesite, tucked in a flat, open landscape. The land is thickly covered with sagebrush and other high desert foliage, therefore some clearing may be desired.

The property has easy access to electricity, with power poles across the street. A few neighbors have built beautiful traditional homes, and moved manufactured homes, giving some inspiration for the possibilities of this property.

 Nearby Attractions

Enjoy this small farming community with all its amenities. Find entertainment at the golf course, touring the geographic sites, or spending the day at the famous sand dunes.

Baert Lake is less than 5 minutes’ drive from the property, presenting opportunities for fishing, boating, and swimming from spring through autumn and for ice skating in winter.

An ancient volcanic fissure, Crack-in-the-Ground offers one of the most fascinating hikes in central Oregon. Only 25 minutes’ drive from Christmas Valley, A dirt trail leaves the sagebrush behind and descends into the fissure, which measures two miles long, 15 feet wide and up to 70 feet deep. With cooler air temperatures and a damp environment, walking through Crack-in-the-Ground is like exploring an incredible open-air cave.

An imposing rock formation and Oregon state park site, Fort Rock is 25 minutes’ drive Northwest of Christmas Valley. This natural wonder is easily visible from the road. The formation is a naturally occurring volcanic tuff ring, formed when the Fort Rock/Christmas Valley Basin was a prehistoric inland sea. The resulting island and surrounding formations were home to some of the earliest recorded human settlements in North America.

Another nearby volcanic landmark with a literal name, Hole-in-the-Ground is a big explosion crater (known as a maar), measuring nearly a mile across. The neighboring Big Hole is an older, more eroded maar formation.

When thinking of sand dunes, one might imagine the Oregon coast. However, in the desert of central Oregon is another set of dunes, covering 11,000 acres of land and reaching up to 60 feet high. The largest inland shifting sand dune system in the Pacific Northwest, the Christmas Valley Dunes are managed by the Bureau of Land Management and open primarily for off-highway vehicles like ATVs and dirt bikes. Hikers can explore the dunes as well – with an eye out for any vehicles careening down the sand.

Fossil Lake is a dry lakebed on the southeast side of the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes, well known among paleontologists as a site for fossils. The ancient lake that once filled the area is thought to have been 200 feet deep, over time slowly drying up and leaving behind remains of the many prehistoric animals that visited its shores.

Located on the northeast side of the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes, Lost Forest is what remains of an ancient ponderosa pine forest that once covered much of the region. The isolated stand of trees seems out of place in the sagebrush prairie, a surreal sight that seems to echo from another time.

A few hours’ drive from Christmas Valley, Glass Buttes is one of Oregon’s best places to find and legally gather obsidian, a naturally-occurring volcanic glass. Formed when lava cools without crystallizing, obsidian has been used by humans for thousands of years in pottery, arrowheads and even surgical scalpels. Found in scattered deposits throughout the region, obsidian is particularly abundant and varied at Glass Buttes. Even highly sought-after patterns and colors can easily be found without any equipment, though serious rockhounds often bring portable harvesting and cutting equipment to the site.

Only a select few of the nearby natural attractions are well-established recreation sites with amenities; most remain relatively obscure. These are not places one simply stumbles upon, but which the truly adventurous and curious actively seek out. It takes real initiative to discover the hidden treasures of Christmas Valley.

 Local Community

From quiet county roads to dusty sagebrush prairie, this slice of central Oregon offers all the comforts of small-town living. The unincorporated community of Christmas Valley (population 1,313) has its own post office, K-12 schools, and a single-runway public airport.

Christmas Valley may be small, but all the basic amenities for a quiet rural town can be found here. There is one gas station in town, as well as another in nearby Silver Lake. This community boasts two small grocery stores (one locally-owned and operated), a produce stand, and a recently-opened Dollar General. Treat yourself at several local restaurants, drive-thru coffee stand, and 2 bars. Explore the boutique shops, thrift store, and the local artists’ booths. There is also a feed store, auto parts store, hardware store, and basic auto repair shop.

 Additional Notes:

Mobile Homes: Mobile homes are allowed with permit only.

RV: Camping and RV’s are allowed for short periods of time. 3 RV parks are available year-round.

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You are welcome to visit our properties anytime you like. Simply contact us to schedule a time so that we can be sure the property is still available before you drive out to it. We operate an eCommerce land business, and we typically do not accompany property visits.

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Corner and Boundaries:
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Questions About This Listing?

Property Details

4 Corner Coordinates:
NE: 43.2425050495016,-120.698112772352
NW: 43.2425061460549,-120.698413025572
SE: 43.242011170057,-120.698116278697
SW: 43.2420122666006,-120.698416529496
  • City: Christmas Valley
  • State: OR
  • County: Lake
  • Zip Code: 97641
  • Size: 0.33
  • APN: 27S17E10CB07700
  • Google Maps: Click Here!
  • Coordinates: 43.2425061460549,-120.698413025572
  • Elevation: 4315 ft
  • Annual Taxes: $48.96
  • Zoning: County – R-1 Rural Residential
  • HOA/POA: None
  • Access: Dirt Road
  • Sewer: Septic can be installed.
  • Water: City available
  • Utilities: Nearest power post is about 160 feet away to the West of the lot.
  • Legal Description: Lot 22, Block 3, Unit 9 of the Christmas Valley Townsite, Section 10CB Township 27 South, Range 17 East of Willamette Meridian.

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