Living Off-the-Grid in Texas

Living Off-the-Grid in Texas
City life can become tedious and boring over time. That is why some of us opt to live far away in order to detach ourselves from the busy and monotonous lifestyle in the city. Right now, off-the-grid living is quite popular especially to individuals who have spent most of their life working in the city and now opting for a more quiet and laid back lifestyle in the countryside.

The good thing about living off-the-grid is that there are so many locations to choose from. In Texas alone, the space is so vast that there are wonderful locations that support traditional communities. This is due to the diverse landscapes of Texas, making off-the-grid lifestyle very much possible in this modern time.

Geography of Texas

Texas is the second largest state and the second most populous after California. One may wonder how a traditional lifestyle is possible in this busy state. As mentioned, the geography of Texas makes it all possible. While there are numerous metropolitan areas in Texas, a major part of it remains traditional. In fact, there are lots of families tending farms and cattle in this area. In actuality, Texas is the largest agricultural region in the United States. Livestock, cereal crops, and a wide range of produce are maintained here. One can totally live off-the-grid here or totally embrace the laid back lifestyle with ease.
Here are some Isolated Communities in Texas to consider.


Marfa is one of the many cities in Texas however the atmosphere is like no other. For one, the population is quite small—about 2000 people living in this city according to the 2010 United States Census. Next, the city is located in the Chihuahuan Desert—a minimally developed region. This makes country side living very ideal for those looking to start their own farm or ranch. Lastly, lifestyle is more centered on arts and culture. You can choose to live in one of the isolated communities here and start a calm and serene lifestyle.

El Paso County

Everything found in the west side of Texas is perfect for off-the-grid living and that includes the county of El Paso. Although the 6th most populous city in Texas, you can still find an unpopular area to start an isolated lifestyle. Unincorporated areas like Agua Dulce, Butterfield, Fort Bliss, and Morning Glory are some of the areas worth checking out. These places are 100 percent traditional and laid back. They support traditional Texan activities like ranching, farming, hunting, and hiking.

Pecos River

This is for those who want to experience an extreme outdoor living. The location is known for its famous river that crosses itself. Here, there’s little access to modernities as such, it can be quite difficult for beginners. However, preppers and outdoor adventure seekers will love it here because the topography is perfect for their activities.

Loving County

Place to start an isolated lifeFinally, a county that is perfect for those wanting an isolated life. According to a recent census, about 67 people live in this side of the state. There are no incorporated communities here except for Mentone which is a lone community in this county. Lifestyle here ranges from ranching, drilling and oiling, and other county services.

Texas is an awesome place to start an isolated life. Its vast areas can support people looking for an off-the-grid living. Those yearning for emptiness and isolation will surely find communities mentioned above ideal for their chosen lifestyle.

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