We all want to be able to grab a good deal specially in real estate. Nowadays, people are into purchasing raw land because of a lot of reasons, one of them being inexpensive. However, even if you are so tempted with an offer that looks good, we have to remember to look into it and never forget the important aspects of the real estate deal.


Here are just some of the common mistakes that we can avoid when buying raw land.


  • What to avoid in buying raw landFailing to check land zoning – make sure the land will serve it’s purpose (farming, building a cottage – retirement) etc. If you want to build a house on the property, make sure there is a solid land for the construction. Also check to see if the zoning law would allow your plans for the property.


  • Ignoring water resources – water availability is one of the most important aspects to be considered when buying raw land. If a well of a natural source of water is available in the property, remember to check the quality of the water. If there is no water source yet, locate the possible source of water under the surface and run an estimate of how much it will cost.


  • Forgetting to plan for a septic system, and where the system must be located – understand that there are different types of sewage disposal systems that can be installed.


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