Outdoor Living in North Carolina

Outdoor Living in North Carolina
When it comes to outdoor living, North Carolina is one of the best states to settle for this kind of lifestyle. The state has wide open spaces perfect for those individuals looking an all American adventure. It has preserved the western culture which is why this is the perfect place to settle if you are looking for a laid back and not-so-busy atmosphere.

The Landscape

North Carolina is a state blessed with wonderful landscapes. It is bordered by South Carolina (south), Georgia (southwest), Tennessee (west), and Virginia (north). 
As mentioned, NC is one of the states where outdoor lifestyle is embodied best. People seeking water adventures can choose to stay within the coastal plain. Those who are after land adventures can also pick real estates in the western part of the state. In this region contains that rocky part of NC which is composed of the Great Smoky Mountains, Blue Ridge Mountains, Great Balsam Mountains, and Black Mountains. Those who are seeking a laid back lifestyle will surely enjoy North Carolina.


One of the great things to enjoy in NC is its climate. Most of the regions experience a humid subtropical climate except for those regions located in higher elevations like in the Appalachian region. In addition, since NC is surrounded by Rocky Mountains storms coming from the Midwest do not enter the region. These elements make NC more suitable for outdoor living as one can enjoy many outdoor activities all year round.


North Carolina is also blessed with wonderful communities. Whether you are searching for a rest house in the mountains of NC or a permanent relocation along the coastal area, you can easily settle in any of the states amazing communities.

American outdoor living
Banner Elk is a great place to put up a vacation or permanent home. It is located at the foot of NC mountain side thus it offers vast space for all kinds of outdoor trips and adventures. You can even establish your own farm or ranch in this community because the land is suitable for this kind of living. You can also establish private hunting parks and related adventure trips in this area.

Cedar Rock is another wonderful community. It is located in Caldwell County (near Avery County). This place is blessed with landscapes perfect for hikers and outdoor trippers. The rocky terrain of Blowing Rock is the one of the best spots to visit here.

Whether you are searching for a permanent home or a vacation house that you can visit once or twice a year, North Carolina is the perfect place for an all American outdoor living. It is truly blessed with natural wonders that will definitely make your dream lifestyle a reality.  

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