The Ultimate Prepper Tool

Ultimate Prepper Tool
Lands that are way too far from utilities or the soil is too poor to build a house were perceived to be “junk lands”.  These lands are cheaper to acquire but useless to build on.  It is considered junk because, though you have acquired the land easily at a low-cost price, it is very expensive to build on the land due to its poor attributes.  Only extreme and hard-core survivalists, or preppers were prepared to work with this type of property. 

In today’s world, there are already inexpensive alternatives that address the power, water and other utilities problems you could possible encounter in acquiring a junk land.  The only major problem left to resolve is on how to build a good foundation on the poor soil of the land.  Fortunately, now there is also a cool and cheap solution to make the major problem no longer a problem.  Intershelter, a patented revolutionary portable shelter, has connected the gap from tents and trailers to framed houses that were traditionally built. 

Intershelter can withstand strong winds of a hurricane and earthquakes.  Also, it is insulated to stay warm in circumstances that are extremely arctic sub-zero weather and cool in hot desert climates.  These dome structures are made of high-tech aerospace composite material and can easily be assembled in just a few hours by at least three untrained individuals.  It is portable since the pieces can fit in the back of a pick-up truck, single helicopter sling or a bush cargo plane.  It can also be set-up on almost all types of terrain. 

These shelters are ideal for research needs, quarantine shelters and even emergency relief situations.  Also, it can address and satisfy the necessities of Homeland Security, the Military, Labor Housing, Housing Communities and many more.  When you explored this alternative housing method, the practical applications become endless.  

You can imagine yourself taking out your dug-out in your 40-acre land in the middle of the desert, safely and comfortably sleeping under the night sky and simply packing your shelter to go home.  Or you can use the shelter as the perfect “bug-out” solution as you prepare yourself for any worst scenarios that could happen.  You can also use the shelters to start-out your eco-tourism community to earn some extra income from your used to be junk land or sell the land with the cool inexpensive place to stay to hunters, preppers and even survivalists. 

Intershelter is the ultimate prepper tool wherein you can make use of your junk land to be more enjoyable and useful without expensively spending for more traditional land.

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