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Land Topic Article : Land Use in the US

It was presumed that one of the ultimate causes for species extinction and wildlife habitat distraction is the use of land for urbanization.  Unfortunately, this is one misunderstanding fact about… Read more »

Prepper Land No Gun Required

In the fifth episode of season one of Doomsday Preppers series of National Geographic, Michael James Patrick Douglas, a bush craft teacher who lives on a 30-acre land in rural… Read more »

Living Off-the-Grid in Texas

City life can become tedious and boring over time. That is why some of us opt to live far away in order to detach ourselves from the busy and monotonous… Read more »

Outdoor Living in North Carolina

When it comes to outdoor living, North Carolina is one of the best states to settle for this kind of lifestyle. The state has wide open spaces perfect for those… Read more »